A step-by-step beginners’ guide in Python, to try Kafka with Spark Structured streaming using Network traffic data as an use case.

In this blog, we are going to build a basic prototype on how we can stream live network traffic to Apache Spark using Apache Kafka data feed platform.



An Exercise In Keras Recurrent Neural Networks And LSTM

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In a previous blog, I had explained an example of Time Series Forecast in Python, using classical time series analysis methods like SARIMA. …

An example using classical time series analysis methods (SARIMA)

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In this blog, I explain how a simple univariate time series forecasting can be done in python.


A Time Series is typically defined as a series of values that one or more variables take over successive time periods. For example, sales…

A Simple Example using Gaussian Mixture Modeling (GMM) Clustering

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In this article, we will try out unsupervised Machine Learning methods of clustering, for grouping hosts in a IP network in to different clusters based on the similarity in their IP addresses. Importantly, we will see the difference between K-Means and GMM (Gaussian Mixture Model) in their approaches in clustering…

A Beginner’s Guide With A Step-by-Step Hands-On Example.

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In this article, I will share an example on how we can deploy a locally trained Machine Learning model in cloud using AWS SageMaker service. By “locally trained” , I mean a ML model which is trained locally in our laptop ( i.e. outside AWS cloud ). …

Rajaram Suryanarayanan

Experienced Networking Software Developer on a Data / Machine Learning Journey https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajaramsurya/

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